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Hi, welcome to Krazy Monkey Music. I hope you’re doing well. I’m Shawn, and I want to thank you for your interest in Advanced Audio Mixing (The Art and Science). If you would like to reserve your spot, just email me at and you’ll be the first in line.

With the course, not only will you get access to my videos, but also you’ll be able to send your finished track to me, and I’ll advise you on how to improve it.

This course is something that’s been in my heart for a long time, but I’ve been busy with life and such, but now, with the pandemic, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home, so here we go. 

One of the great things about teaching, for me, is that in focusing my knowledge into a format that  other people can access, I’m forced to organize that knowledge in my own mind. In doing so, I find intellectual holes that I need to fill before I can show somebody else how to do what I do. There are things I do, that I don’t really process intellectually, I just do them, but because I have to explain it to another person, I’m forced to figure out why I do what I do and that causes my depth of understanding to grow. So not only am I teaching you, but in doing so, I’m learning as well, and because of that I want to thank you.

In Advanced Audio Mixing (The Art and Science) I’m going to take you step by step through the process of taking my raw tracks in TGSiTHoTU (The Greatest Song in The History of The Universe), and transforming them into a finished product. It’s not magic, there are no secrets, except in that you don’t know them yet, but you will. It’s just a matter of somebody showing you, and you spending the time to learn.

There is a certain amount of science to audio engineering , what I mean is that you have to make the sound fit into the medium, so you have to learn the limits of your medium, speakers and amplifiers. That’s what mastering is really all about. In fact, at first, mastering engineers were just that, engineers. All they did was make sure that the sounds they were given fit into the medium, but over time, mastering developed into the art that it is today, so as audio engineers we have to study both the science and the art. The same thing applies to being a mix engineer, but I think the art is more important in mixing, while in mastering the science is more dominant.

As you watch me work through the tracks in TGSiTHoTU you may be tempted to copy my settings, thinking “Well, that’s the right way isn’t” but the truth is, that you just can’t really have a preset that applies to everything. Recording is imperfect at best, every situation calls for a different solution, but over time, as you become familiar, you’ll figure out your own solutions to many problems. What I’m going to do is show you how to use the tools of an audio engineer to solve those problems but in the end you’ll have to solve them yourself.

If you haven’t got it yet, be sure to download my free guide. Record Your First Song (and Make it Sound Great!) In it, I cover what equipment you’ll need to get started, what software you’ll need, and general advice for recording and songwriting. Between the free guide, and my introductory videos you should be able to get a pretty good demo together.

For now, Thank you for watching, I’m Shawn and I’ll see you next time.    

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